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A whistleblower is an individual who comes forward and provides information that was otherwise unknown. In a legal sense, a whistleblower is someone who will provide information about criminal activity that is defrauding consumers, a business, or the government. When it comes to business or government operations, there is essentially not enough resources and personnel to be able to catch fraudulent acts. In Massachusetts, the False Claims Acts allows a whistleblower an incentive to come forward with information. The individual is entitled to a percentage of recovered proceeds if the government is successful in the claims against a corporation, be it via a settlement or trail. Mr. Joseph R. Donohue has experience with such cases and can help you move forward after coming across information that might suit a false claim case.

Examples of Criminal Activity that Fits False Claims Act Lawsuits

You may be wondering what type of information could be provided by an individual to meet a false claim act lawsuit. An example of criminal activity that fits into this category would be if a contractor working for the government charges Boston for materials that were not used in the project. This is fraudulent behavior. If you knew of this activity, then you could become a whistleblower and provide the government with information. Mr. Donohue would then help build a case to show how the materials were not used and how the official took advantage of the city.

Filing a Case

For the state of Massachusetts, Mr. Donohue would file a qui tam civil suit on behalf of the individual known as the whistleblower as well as for the Commonwealth. After the lawsuit has been filed, the Commonwealth has the ability to intervene via the State Attorney General’s office and take over the case. As far as the whistleblower is concerned, the individual will be entitled to a percentage of the recovered proceeds, in the example case, the materials not used by the contractor. This percentage is only viable if the government can win the case.

Additional Information

When it comes to such lawsuits, there is additional information that the plaintiff should know. The percentage awarded for the whistleblower if the Attorney General intervenes in the case is usually around 15 to 25 percent. If the case is done strictly by the whistleblower with no intervention, then the individual has the right to 25 to 30 percent of recovery. Mr. Donohue will help you with any case involving the False Claims Act to help you find justice as well as compensation.

The whistleblower is also offered protection under the state law to avoid retaliation by their employer. Many individuals would be afraid to come forward with such information without knowing that they are protected from losing their job. Joseph R. Donohue makes sure you can file a case but stay employed while doing so. There is also a statute of limitation. The plaintiff must file a case within a ten-year timeframe of the violation taking place.

When you find yourself in a position knowing information of fraudulent activity, contact the office of Joseph R. Donohue. Have your case reviewing and a lawsuit filed on your behalf by an experienced attorney.