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Heavy industries are the backbone of America. From coal mines to steel mills, the industries still in business today have helped to fuel the growth of America for more than one hundred years. However, this growth has also resulted in exposure to toxic substances by those who are working in such industries as well as in the home. Families as well as individuals have been affected by such exposures which have led to a serious medical condition or even death.

Personal injury attorney Joseph R. Donohue is prepared to assist you with any toxic substance claim. Mr. Donohue will use his knowledge and experience as a personal injury attorney of Boston to determine if you have a case and seek financial recovery. Such issues included in the toxic substance category include asbestos, coal dust, lead, cobalt, mercury, hard and heavy metals. Individuals can be affected on the job as well as the home, even for a short period and be greatly affected for the remainder of life. 

Experience is Necessary

To determine if you have a case, working with an experienced personal injury attorney is a must. Mr. Donohue can help you by investigating the origins of your claim to be able to identify and then prosecute those who are liable for your injuries or even death of a loved one. Such cases can have taken place just a short time ago or years gone by. Mr. Donohue has the skills and legal resources that will assist you in holding those who harmed you accountable for any medical complications you may have experienced due to toxic substance exposure. 

Medical Complications from Toxic Exposure

There are several medical complications that can result from toxic exposure that can result in a legal claim. On the job, you may be exposed to substances that cause mesothelioma or asbestosis. Perhaps you have encountered substances in the drinking water of your home and suffered from birth defects within a pregnancy. Mental impairments can result from exposure of certain chemicals as well as growth stunted or poor motor skills in children.

If you believe that you or a loved one have been exposed to a toxic substance, it is essential that you contact Mr. Donohue, a personal injury attorney of Boston, today. This will allow Mr. Donohue to assess your injuries and look over your individual case. Compensation may need to be sought for the long-term care or the recovery process due to your injuries.

An initial consultation will help to establish if you have a case. Since 1985, Joseph R. Donohue has assisted families with personal injury cases including those involving toxic substances. Having worked in Massachusetts since the late 1980s, Mr. Donohue has vast experience in several areas, able to help you determine if you have a case.

Personal injury cases are quite complex and you want to work with an expert who will fight for you. Contact Mr. Donohue today to learn if you have a case and get started working on your claim.