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For decades, talc-based powders have been the go-to option for women to feel clean in private areas. Talcum powder products were sprinkled into undergarments or used on sanitary pads for the groin area to feel clean and fresh. Such products as those created by Johnson & Johnson have long been the option that women would use to feel clean. Over the past few years, studies have shown that such powders can result in ovarian cancer. Individuals who have used such products and developed ovarian cancer are recommended to seek legal counsel. An experienced personal injury lawyer of Boston will be able to assist with filing a claim in regards to talcum powder usage and the health issues caused by the powder.

An Age-Old Product

Talcum powder products have been used for generations by women who wanted to feel clean, helping to control body odor, prevent chafing or irritation of the skin. It was not uncommon and still isn’t to this day for women to use such powders during beauty routines. Talcum powder is made from talc which is a mineral that contains magnesium and silicon which is mined from rock. The rocks are crushed and dried then milled to create a fine power substance that is said to be used for moisture absorption and help to reduce friction.

Women were the target market for such products as they could be used in the private areas to stay fresh. Women would use such products routinely and at the same time be subjected to the powder inside feminine parts. Research suggests that using such talcum powders can result in ovarian cancer. It is believed that using such powders in the genital area will create a 33% increased chance in developing ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits

Lawsuits have been filed against companies that create talcum based products including top rated company Johnson & Johnson. A class action suit was filed by Mona Estrada of California claiming the company knew the risks involved with the talcum powder products and did not take action to warn consumers of the dangers of using the products. Joseph R. Donohue, a personal injury attorney of Boston, is ready to assist you with any talc claims. Learn more about the Estrada case and how you can file a claim if you feel that you were affected by talcum powder usage.

More Than One Case Filed

The case by Estrada is not the first one again talc companies. Other women across the United States have filed suit based on using the talc powder and begin diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In one case, Dr. Daniel Cramer of Harvard University, was found to have studied talcum powder and ovarian cancer for a time frame of three decades. During testimony, Cramer stated that the powder was likely a factor that contributed to 10,000 cases of ovarian cancer each year.

If you feel that you have used talc powder and it contributed to your diagnosis of ovarian cancer, you may have a case. Joseph R. Donohue can help you with your personal injury claims against a talc powder company.

Since 1985, Mr. Donohue has helped individuals who have suffered from personal injury at the hands of others. One area of his expertise is products liability. When a product does not function as it should due to negligence or a failed warning, you may have a case. Contact Joseph R. Donohue a personal injury attorney of Boston today to discuss your injury and find out if you have a case.