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Victims of sexual abuse or assault in the state of Massachusetts have the right to file a claim against their abuser/perpetrator. The individual may be entitled to compensation from the individual who caused you harm, the entity in which the abuser/perpetrator was employed or affiliated with such as a school or private company. Joseph R. Donohue is ready to be committed as an advocate for you and use the laws of Boston to assist you in a sexual abuse personal injury case.

Survivors of sexual abuse or assault, especially children, need to be able to deal with complicated feelings such as shame, anger, depression, or confusion. The victim needs to be able to re-claim their life and have emotional as well as spiritual power back in their life, which can be taken by the perpetrator. To do this, your attorney should recommend additional assistance such as a therapist or psychiatrist who can help with emotional trauma that takes place during such abuse or assault. Mr. Donohue is ready to use his skills as a personal injury lawyer to not only help you seek compensation but also assist with additional treatment so you can take back your life.

When seeking compensation in a sexual abuse or assault case, there are many forms. Of course, monetary compensation is considered but there are also non-monetary results that can take place such as an apology, changes in policies of the institution, as well as procedures and guidelines.

As the victim, it is up to you as to what you wish to seek. Take for example a victim of sexual assault in the work place. A female that has been assaulted by an individual repeatedly will have the right to see compensation. Let’s say the individual tried to seek help from her manager but the assault was brushed off as ‘not a big deal’. This is negligence on the part of the employer. The victim may have called in to work, losing wages, to not have to deal with her attacker. She may also have tried therapy or other medical treatments to deal with the outcome of being assaulted. All of this would justify monetary compensation in a sexual assault case.

By working with Mr. Donohue, you will have access to a personal injury attorney who wants to do his very best for you. The knowledge and experience of Mr. Donohue will go a long way to building a successful case for you in regards to instances of sexual abuse or assault. It can be hard to discuss what happened to you, especially when the incident is sexual in nature. The experience of Mr. Donohue helps him to create a safe and comfortable place for you to discuss your case and then plan appropriate action in the matter.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse or assault, never hesitate to seek compensation. You are worth fighting for and Joseph R. Donohue will do his very best to fight for recovery in your personal injury case. Contact the office today to schedule a consultation to review your case.