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When you purchase a product you expect it to do the job it was created for. Advertisements will share with you the scenarios it can be useful and you expect it to do what it says. What happens when an injury or something worse is caused by the product you purchased? Many victims sadly believe they are responsible for the injury to themselves or their loved ones but that is not the only case. There are experienced personal injury attorneys who are there to help you find out if the manufacturer should carry some of the blame for those injuries.

In Boston Massachusetts, Joseph R. Donohue has been helping families such as yours investigate products liability cases for years. He has been working with families that have dealt with all sorts of injuries due to a product malfunctioning. He investigates every step of the process with you and makes sure that if there is a fault of the company, you receive the compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses.

Two Types of Product Liability Cases

There are generally two different type of product liability cases that you may have. One is considered a failure to warn you of the possible dangers of the product you’re using. This is when a company has not posted the clear and explicit warnings to help prevent accidents such as the ones you have faced. The company is responsible for warning you of the dangers that are possible with a particular product. When they do not, you may have a case for a personal injury attorney in Boston.

Another type of case for product liabilities is when the design is defective or a claim against the manufacturer themselves. This is when a personal injury as occurred due to the negligence from the company when they were designing the product or the contract breach which is when the product you purchased is not truly safe for the intentions it was created.

Either of these cases can be difficult for you to navigate on your own. Hiring an experienced Boston personal injury attorney such as Joseph R. Donohue will help you to guarantee that the companies do not try to take advantage of you or try to force you to settle for a smaller amount of compensation than what you deserve.

Companies Possibly Responsible

An experienced attorney in product liability cases covers a variety of arenas when it comes to the manufacturer or company at fault. Working with someone such as Joseph R. Donohue, you get the vast experience he has on your side when you face big companies such as pharmaceutical, SUV rollover cases, food cases, and even motor vehicle injuries.

Trust the expertise that Mr. Donohue brings to the table when it comes to finding representation in your product liability case. You have suffered enough already from the injury you or your loved one sustained. Do not be pushed or talked into settling with the insurance company of the manufacturer. Be sure to consult with your persona product liability attorney in Boston to make sure your case is handled properly.