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If you were in construction or other fields before the 1970’s and even in some areas after that, you may have been exposed to asbestos. This exposure can cause a serious condition called mesothelioma. Basically the asbestos fibers you or your loved ones were breathing in irritated your mesothelium and can cause malignant cells to start to invade the rest of your body. You may not even realize that you have been exposed until much later on.

What can you do to help protect your family or bring those who exposed you to justice? Contact Joseph R. Donohue who is an experienced personal injury lawyer that can assist your family in bringing closure to this personal injury and pain that you’ve been dealing with.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma

After being exposed you or your loved one may not show signs of the exposure until nearly 30 years later. Signs and symptoms of mesothelioma include a consistent dry cough, coughing up blood during those spells, or unexpected weight loss. Other signs that deal with the condition in your heart or abdomen areas include irregular heartbeats, anemia and night sweats.

Massachusetts Law

Although you’ll find that many companies have reduced or tried to stop exposure to the dangerous asbestos, it hasn’t completely been eliminated. OSHA has put regulations in place to protect future workers from exposure, however, it hasn’t completely stopped it nor does it stop the cancerous cells once you’ve been exposed. The truth is, there is no safe level of exposure. Boston mesothelioma lawyers such as Joseph R. Donohue can help you to navigate the law in the area and get the compensation you deserve. The statute of limitations is only three years from the date you are diagnosed with this condition. So it is imperative that as soon as you receive your diagnosis you contact Joseph R. Donohue to pursue your options.

Benefits of Working with an Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

When it comes to being compensated for this illness and exposure, you want someone with experience on your side. Joseph R. Donohue has that experience and can assist you through the sometimes complicated legal processes as you proceed with your case. He has worked in all aspects of law from pro bono services to the Supreme Court.

One benefit you will find working with an experienced injury attorney is in dealing with insurance companies. They will typically try to get you to send your records to them and settle with you for much less than you deserve. They want to do this quickly and quietly while protecting their interests, not yours. Working with an experienced attorney can help you avoid that and bring out the truth of the exposure to others.

If you were working at any of the local areas such as the Boston Naval Shipyard or Boston Edison Company, you may have a case. Call the office of Joseph R. Donohue today to discuss your case with him. He can put his personal injury lawyer experience to work for you in the Boston, Massachusetts area and assist you in getting the payment you deserve.