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You may have heard about lead paint in the past few years and how dangerous it can be to your family. What you may not know is how dangerous it is or how you can be exposed to the item itself. Here is some valuable information that you need to know if you believe you’ve been exposed to lead paint. You may have a personal injury case that Joseph R. Donohue in Boston Massachusetts can put his experience in lead paint injuries to work for you.

What are the dangers of lead paint?

Lead paint can cause a myriad of issues for people exposed, especially the young children. You may think that because the sale of lead paint was banned in the late 70’s that you’re okay and there’s no possible way to be exposed now. That is not true. If you live in an older home that has not had the paint updated, you could face the dangers of lead paint. Your children can absorb the pain simply by touching certain surfaces in the home that have the substance on them and then touching their own face or mouth.

Exposure to lead paint can cause a variety of health problems. It is very toxic to the body and organs such as the heart, kidneys, reproductive system and even the bones. If children are exposed it can cause problems with development and also be responsible for learning delays. You may find that if your child has been exposed they could suffer from language problems, a reduced IQ, and even behavior problems such as being hyperactive.

Where are you exposed?

You may believe that the exposure to lead paint is reduced because your home does not have the paint. That is not always the case. There are many areas you can be exposed to this toxic substance including old toys, work locations, some mini-blinds, firearms, the soil and even in the drinking water you use.

Why talk to an experienced personal attorney such as Joseph R. Donohue?

When it comes to lead exposure, this substance can cause coma, headaches, confusion and eventually death in some cases. If you have been exposed in your workplace, home or a product you have purchased, it is very important to have an experienced Boston personal injury attorney on your side. Someone such as Joseph R. Donohue can assist you in building your case and investigating the product that has caused the issues in your home.

Mr. Donohue has a vast range of experience and expertise in the Boston area helping families who have been exposed to lead just as you have. Lead paint cases can be difficult to navigate without experience on your side. You’ll get the years of practice that Mr. Donohue has as well as his expertise in working with the sensitive cases of wrongful death to lead paint exposure.

You may not even realize that the health problems you or your child have been suffering are due to a toxic exposure level of lead paint. Call the office today and let your personal injury lawyer help you get the compensation you deserve.