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Maritime Case Studies

  • $3.1 million was awarded to fisherman who sustained a spinal cord injury falling on to the deck during a storm at sea.
  • A fisherman was awarded $560,000 after sustaining a serious leg injury while on a fishing vessel. A line snapped and broke, ensnaring his leg after breaking.
  • $1.2 million was provided to a fisherman who was fishing on the banks of Georgia after suffering from a serious back injury.

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

  • $750,000 was provided to a young woman after she sustained back injuries due to being struck by a motor vehicle in her own driveway.
  • $400,000 was given to a woman who sustained a soft tissue neck injury due to a motor vehicle accident.
  • A 36 year old individual was awarded $6.1 million after suffering from a closed head injury and partial leg amputation after an operator of a bus he was a passenger in lost control and hit a guard rail.
  • A settlement of $300,000 was reached between a motorcyclist passenger and a construction company after the passenger sustained a back injury as a result of an accident on the motorcycle. A dangerous construction worksite was the cause.

Products Liability

  • An 18 year old male was provided with $750,000 after sustaining a spinal cord injury after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool while intoxicated.
  • A woman was awarded $300,000 after sustaining a back injury during a skiing outing when her bindings did not release after a fall.
  • $999,000 was provided to a male who suffered from an electrical shock injury while he was plugging in a defective manufactured nightlight. The nightlight was manufactured in China.
  • A minor child of a 26 year old male was awarded a settlement of $1.2 million after the father was killed while he worked at a brewery in New Hampshire.
  • After a woman was involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident due to a defective accelerator in a motor vehicle driven by a fellow New Hampshire resident, the family of the female killed was given a $1 million settlement.
  • $620,000 was awarded to a female passenger of a motor vehicle that was struck by an intoxicated individual who had been overserved at the Fendance Restaurant.
  • The family of Floor Sander was given $1 million after Mr. Sander was fatally burned due to a defectively manufactured floor lacquer that resulted in a residential fire.

Medical Malpractice

  • A woman who suffered a nerve injury to her shoulder as a result of a negligently performed biopsy was awarded $500,000.
  • An individual was given $200,000 after sustaining a stomach injury due to negligently performed surgery.

Municipal Liability/Civil Rights

  • A $400,000 verdict was ruled against municipal police officers who initiated a high speed motor vehicle chase in a residential neighborhood that caused a motor vehicle accident where the plaintiff sustained serious injuries.

Landlord Liability/Lead Poisoning

  • A child was awarded a $500,000 settlement after sustaining lead poisoning when residing in a rental property owned by the defendant, the landlord.

Job Site Accident

  • An employee was awarded $2.3 million after sustaining a spinal injury when falling from a roof on a job site that was controlled by the defendant’s general contractor.