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Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is frightening and can take a huge toll on you and your family. Whether it was a minor accident or considered a major one, the repercussions after the event can take months or even years to get through. That’s why having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side is so important. Joseph R. Donohue is a personal injury lawyer who has dealt with a variety of motor vehicle accidents just like you’re dealing with right now. He has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure you and your family are taken care of after this very scary event.

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If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, your recovery is not the only thing you’re facing. Unfortunately, there are seasoned lawyers on the other side of this accident that are fighting for the insurance companies or other victims involved. They don’t always want the best for you as they are fighting for their clients. That’s why it is very important that you talk with an experienced personal injury attorney yourself as soon as possible. You need someone on your side that is making sure your injuries, damages, and downtime from work are covered. You need someone that is experienced in handling the tricky navigation that can come from a motor vehicle accident.

In Massachusetts alone there are thousands of accidents each year that are caused by a myriad of distractions and negligence on the driver’s part. Each year in the U.S. a startling number of close to 40,000 people lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents. Facing the death of a loved one due to an accident is not something anyone wants to deal with. However, if this has happened to you, then you want to talk with someone such as Joseph R. Donohue to ensure that justice is served in your case.

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When it comes to suffering an injury in a motor vehicle accident, do not let your injuries or your case wait too long. Be sure you see a doctor as soon as you can after the accident and talk with your attorney in Massachusetts as soon as possible. You do not want to miss the statute of limitations when it comes to recovering losses caused by your motor vehicle accident injuries. An Massachusetts personal injury lawyer is able to help you ensure you receive the lost wages you had, the medical expenses, and other losses due to this event.

Call the office of Joseph R. Donohue today if you or your loved one has been involved in an accident in your car or truck. You do not have to suffer alone. Be sure to talk with Mr. Donohue before it is too late to ensure justice is served in your accident case. He can put his numerous years of experience to work for you to ensure you recover any losses and downtime suffered by another person’s negligence. Call today to set up an appointment to discuss your situation and find out if your case can proceed.