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Working, driving to and from home and even riding in the car with others is typically something that is done daily. You may go through your life and never face a traumatic injury. However, all too often there are brain and spinal injuries that are suffered by victims who at no fault of their own for the injury incurred. When this happens, it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney, Boston, on your side. When you face a traumatic brain or spinal injury, you need to know that there are some complications that can arise that may change the course of your future. Your Boston personal injury lawyer, Joseph Donahue, is here to help you understand all the ins and outs of these injuries and make sure you receive the justice you deserve.

Variety of Causes

It could be a fall down stairs at work, falling off construction site scaffolding or other injury, or it could be a car accident that causes your brain and spinal injuries. In any case, Joe is here to offer expert counseling and litigation to ensure you receive justice and the rightful compensation you deserve.

Many Expenses Down the Road

With most of the brain and spinal injuries that occur, it can cost a large amount of money for the care and treatment that is needed afterwards. These injuries can leave you or your loved one with cognitive deficits, paralysis, partial paralysis, or even emotional distress that can’t be overcome. It can lead to years of physical therapy, counseling, and home health care costs as these injuries can be quite devastating.

Working with Joe as your Boston personal injury attorney, you can make sure that your loved or yourself is cared for properly and that you do not have to worry about finances for the care. You just have to be concerned with getting your therapy and treatment.

Don’t Take Head Knocks Lightly

Be sure that whenever you hit your head, however small it may seem that you have it checked out by your physician. Head wounds and injuries can show up deficits later on and you need to be sure there’s not an underlying injury you should be concerned with. Any time you or your loved hits your head, it should be checked out by your doctor.

Not Your Fault

In some cases, someone else caused the brain and spinal injuries. It could be in an automobile accident or an accident involving large trucks. In any case, you should discuss the case with Joe and his team to make sure that those who are responsible are held accountable for their cause in the injury. In this situation, your personal injury attorney in Boston can assist you with making sure that the case is handled correctly.

Put experience and strength on your side by working with one of the top Massachusetts personal injury attorneys in Boston. Call the office today to start the discussion and proceedings on your brain and spinal injuries case.