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Nothing is more exciting than the birth of your child. However, something can dampen that excitement when you find out you’re dealing with birth defects that can alter your child’s future forever. When you discover that those birth defects could have been prevented, it is a life altering experience for you as well. That’s where the law office of Joseph R. Donohue can assist you. In birth defects cases, it is important to work with a Boston personal injury lawyer who has the experience and knowledge that Mr. Donohue has. He can work with you and the family to make sure that justice is served in your child’s birth defects case.

Types of Birth Defect Cases

While not all birth defects are caused by toxic influences or wrongdoing, some cases are and that’s where the experience of a personal injury lawyer in Boston comes in. The types of birth defect cases that Mr. Donohue works on include:

  • Pesticide birth defects
  • Solvents that caused issues
  • Semiconductor industry products that caused birth defects
  • Fracking nearby

Those who are farmers or their families that deal with birth defects are suffering because of the exposure to dangerous pesticides during the pregnancy. The case you have could help to hold the manufacturers of those pesticides responsible for their actions as well.

In cases of solvents, it is proven that some toxic substances can pass through to the unborn child in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you were exposed in your employment, then you can hold your employer responsible for the toxic substances that were used.

Semiconductor cases have included those who have dealt with spontaneous abortion, abnormalities in the limbs, problems with the heart, and other birth defects. These industries should be held responsible and working with your personal injury lawyer can assist in that.

If you’re living near an area where they are fracking for gas products, you could be in danger of having problems with reproduction and birth defects as well. People who live in the areas where fracking takes place may have a birth defects case and should consult with their Boston personal injury lawyer.

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When it comes to your child and any possible life altering birth defects, you should consult with Mr. Donohue as soon as possible. These cases must be researched and involve time consuming work so you do not want to miss the statute of limitations in these situations. You cannot change the problems you or your child may face due to unwilling exposure; however, you can assist those in the future and hold the ones who exposed you responsible. Call his office today to start the process of your birth defects case. You can’t change the future for your child who may deal with these issues down the road, but you can help stop it from happening to other families.

Call and set up your appointment today to see what case you may have and to get the justice you and your family deserves.